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The Wrecking Crew solves the thorniest problems that most other firms won't touch. Due to the sensitive nature of our work, we don't divulge who are clients are, but we are happy to provide more detailed (and anonymized) case studies upon request.

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Capital Market Intelligence

Finding the opportunities in a crowded field

Client Type: Investment Fund Management Firm

Client Size: $50M in assets managed

The client is an experienced investor in the medical device market, and was looking to divest some holdings in favor of more higher-growth investments.

TWC analyzed their current holdings, and showed some opportunities for divestiture, as well as offering some vetted opportunities for future growth in the biotech field. 

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Portfolio Expansion

Serving Patients Better

Client Type: Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Client Size: $23B

Client wanted a complete opportunity overview for the patient injection-assist device marketplace, including some first-round concepts and strawmen business cases. 

TWC developed and presented the findings of their research in to the competitive marketplace, which included an analysis of existing customer requirements as well as future requirements identified by patient-advocacy groups. 

TWC then partnered with an Industrial Design firm to facilitate a daylong session developing concepts for selection. TWC finally wrote a set of first-pass business cases for each to aid the client in further downselection.

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M&A Target Evaluation

Confidential Diligence and Assessment

Client: Investment Bank

Client Size: $1B in managed assets

Client represented a mid-cap medical device firm who was looking at multiple opportunities for acquisition. 

TWC evaluated each target's technology, financials, operations, and development portfolio and recommended a course of action, along with guidance for valuation. 

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Strategic Realignment

Shifting from Service to Product

Client Type: Lab Services and Assay Company

Client Size: $300M+ annual revenue

The client is a well-established provider of cancer screening services to labs around the world, and has a stellar track record of providing high-quality results identifying the cancer, as well as using the genomic profile to recommend a treatment path. 

Due to regulatory changes in several of their major markets, the company decided to convert its assay in to an In-Vitro Diagnostic device that they could sell to labs, and service remotely. 

TWC embedded with the Operations team to develop an entirely new strategy for becoming a medical device manufacturer, introduced the team to advanced program management tools to help plan and manage the work, and coached the team to work together to overcome cultural boundaries to effective teamwork. 

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