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The Wrecking Crew borrows its name from a group of innovative and groundbreaking session musicians from the 1950's and 60's. Rather than conform to the typical studio playbook, these musicians aided some of the most brilliant artists in history in redefining what music could be. 

We help companies redefine themselves and their industries. We work with our clients to develop specific programs to chart new courses in to the future, and give their customers something they have never experienced before. 

Let our team help your team. We are industry veterans who know the rules so we know how to break them. We will knock down whatever's holding you back and work with you to build something new. Let's get started.

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Who are your stakeholders and how are they meeting their needs?

Where are the white space opportunities?

What does leapfrogging the competition look like?

How can we re-energize our portfolio?

What are the trends that could help or hurt us?

What are the obstacles in our way?

How do we align what we do with who we are?

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